AIPUPOWER for Photovoltaic Power-BK Series

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Photovoltaic power supply

In recent years, with the vigorous development of PV power generation systems, Aipu has followed its  pace, aiming at the current trend of 1500VDC PV power generation technology, the demand of related  accessories market and the development of energy Internet of things, make pv power generation more  scaled and intelligent, which is beneficial to reduce cost.

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Product Characteristics

Ultra-wide and ultra-high input voltage range

Low-power consumption

Super isolating voltage

High reliability

5000M high altitude application

Batter series power supply solution

Cost reduction and efficiency 

Cost - effective

High power density

Wide operating temperature range 

This products are mainly used in Sun Chasing System, PV Combiner box, Solar inverter, which takes power from the high-voltage bus and converts it into low-voltage DC to provide working voltage for the control circuit and communication chip.