AIPUPOWER for EV Application

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      EV Charging Power Supply

In 2016, Aipu established a EV Charging power supply technical team and began to develop a  special module power supply. It fully understands the application scenarios of the EV Charging  industry. And launched a targeted power supply solution and communication isolation solution.  Up to now, it has occupied a large market share in the EV Charging power supply industry, and has  also won the recognition and praise of a large number of customers.hoping that in the new energy  industry A huge fifield to meet the needs of more customers, grow with customers and win market  value in the future EV Charging industry

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Electric Vehicles Charging Power Supply

10-25W Part NO.






Product Characteristics

Wide input voltage range 85-305VAC

Isolation voltage 4000-4200VAC

EMS meets Level 4 standard 

Operating Temperature: -40°C - 75°C

TUV-CE Certification

Lower power consumption, high efficiency, high reliability

With multiple protection functions

Meet EN62368 standard

The product is applied on the main control board of AC and DC Charging piles, mainly to provide working voltage for the relay, MCU, display screen, 485 isolation chip, 4G module, etc. of the main board.